Events and Equipment

Little Athletics offers a variety of Track and Field events to athletes with some modification and limitation  depending on their age groups.  Event distances and equipment specifications are graduated to match the growth of the athletes and encourage skill development.

The Gap Centre offer a full range of events as recommended by Little Athletics Queensland.  Our rotation programme ensure that athletes have an opportunity to compete in all events with an equal spread of runs, jumps and throws.

Know Your Events

What events can the athlete do?

Some events are limited by age to ensure that athletes have developed in strength and skills to enable them to compete safely. So, for example, athletes do not do triple jump, javelin or 1500m until under 11. 

This is a description of events and the applicable age groups.

And this is a summary of the accepted track and field events for each age group

Our Centre does have some other modified events including: mini vortex for under 6-8, turbo javelin for under 9 &10, a 100m "fast walk" for under 6-8 and an obstacle course for under 6-8.

What equipment do the athletes use?
As the athletes get older, they will use heavier throwing implements, jump higher hurdles, and start new events.

Sometimes there will be mixed ages in a group, so it is important that the Group Coordinator ensures that athletes do not attempt trials with an implement that is too heavy, or hurdle too high etc. 

An athlete is allowed to do  events for a younger age group if the coordinator feels it will help in their development and/or enjoyment of the sport.  Although in such cases, the coordinator will need to designate the variation on the field sheet (personal bests and centre records can be affected).

Everything you need to know about equipment
TGLA Event and Equipment summary.   This is in accordance with LAQ information but includes our minor modifications and additional events for younger athletes.

What are the Rules of competition?
The rules for Little Athletics are the same as World Athletics with some special modifications to help the development of young athletes.   LAQ has a Competition Handbook and an Officials Handbook that includes a summary of the rules in consideration of Little Athletic requirements.   A copy of each of those documents is linked on the side menu of this page.

While we do not want to distract from the enjoyment of the athletes, it is important that the rules are well understood and our little athletes compete in accordance with those rules.  Common mistakes made by young athletes, that can result in a foul trial,  include "throwing" the shot put, false starts on the track, poor scissors technique in high jump etc.  

At Centre level younger athletes with incorrect action should not necessarily be called as a foul - we do want our young athletes to learn and enjoy their time at Little Athletics.  Show them how to do it properly and encourage them to improve.   It is important that they have correct technique to avoid being fouled at Regional and Carnival meets (that is always disappointing to see).
From under 9 and older, all fouls should be called, but tell the athlete why it is a foul and use it as an opportunity for learning.