Friday Night – how we run our Regular Meetings

Regular meetings are held at The Gap State High School oval with a short break over the Christmas period. We return in late January, in time for the major LAQ Carnivals. After a season of running, jumping and throwing, we encourage athletes to enter into competition with the other Centres.

Friday evening meets begin with a warm up session at 5.45pm, followed by a five event program selected from running events, hurdles, high jump long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, javelin and walks. The events are rotated each week so that an equitable coverage is achieved through the season. Pick up an event program from the clubhouse, from the age group folder or from the website.

Programme for first Night

All Rotations Programme. 

Each week will generally follow the rotation sequentially.  However the rotation may change from week to week depending on weather, condition of the ground or otherwise as determined by the Programme Coordinator and/or  Centre Manager!

Field Layout

The program generally finishes around 8.00-8:300pm. under 6 should be finished around 7 – 7.30 pm and tiny tots at 7pm

After each event, the athlete's results are entered into ResultsHQ where you can review all performances, averages, charts and print performance certificates.   The tickets can be glued into the ticket book which is available on request - or simply use your own book either hardcopy or electronic.

It is important that children should be encouraged to participate in all events on the program, even if some events do not appeal or an initial difficulty is experienced in grasping the techniques involved. For young athletes, a good all round physical development is important and concentration on one or two events only should be avoided.

An example of the performance ticket - similar to the ResultsHQ tickets


So that club records of your attendance are noted correctly, please ensure that each Friday night you write your name down on the sign on sheet that accompanies your child’s age group ( for activities associated with that age group) or at the Registrar’s desk for Event Officials, Timekeeper, Place Judges, Setting up and packing up, Canteen and Barbeque.

Setting Up and Tidying Up

Before starting each evening and during warm-up, all the equipment needs to be set up.  Assistance is needed with erecting the discus net, setting up the hurdles when in use, setting up the high jump and taking the trolleys to each event station. This will ensure the events start on time.

At the end of the night, all equipment must be returned to the clubhouse for storage. If you are the last group at a station, it is requested you return all equipment to the Clubhouse. All other assistance to dismantle and store equipment is appreciated.