Personal Best

The Gap Little Athletics encourages all athletes to strive for their own personal best each week and we have a reward system where athletes can earn ribbons for every five (three for under 6) personal best performances. This way, the athletes are competing against their best scores for each event and not necessarily against other young athletes.   Athletes can see a running tally of their personal best performance each week on the noticeboard or track them on ResultsHQ.

There are two Personal Best lists: one for Home events (at the Centre) and one for Away events (Regional, State and LAQ events).  A Home PB is awarded whenever the athlete beats their previous best on a Friday night, Away PBs are not considered in this home assessment if they are better than the Home PB.   T achieve an Away PB the athlete's result must be better than all previous home and away performances.

The two sets of PBs are accumulated for award of ribbons.  e.g. if an athletes has 8 home PBs and 2 away PBs then they are awarded the purple ribbon (10 PBs)

Athletes can win ribbons throughout the season and a trophy is awarded to the athlete with the most PB at the end of the season.  The athlete who wins the trophy also gets to select their registration number for the next season.

Current PB

Current Status of PBs for 2020/2021

.The Gap Centre uses Results HQ for storage of all performance records including home and away events. 


How do I use ResultsHQ?
Here is a video of what to expect from within the family results area -

ResultHQ Video

Video link for using ResultsHQ

Past Personal Best Results.