Parents and Helpers

Welcome to The Gap Little Athletics.   We hope you and your little athletes enjoy your time at our Centre.   Little Athletics is a sport for the whole family and it totally dependent on support from volunteer base of parents and extended families family.   Our Centre's committee members, officials and coaches are all volunteers (the young coaches do get a small allowance for transport costs) and we need your support and just a little of your time to ensure that our events are run smoothly for the maximum benefit of our athletes.  Without your help the Centre can not function.

How can you help on Friday night?
All parents are expected to help the club in some way and there is plenty to do each Friday evening.  Details of all these activities are included on the website (see main and side menus) but in brief this is how you can help:
  • equipment set up
  • Track official (recorder, starter, referee, place judge)
  • Age Group Coordinator
  • Helper for your age group (raking, measuring, recording, run extra activities while the athletes are waiting)
  • Pack up equipment
  • canteen and barbecue

Nominate a Group Coordinator
Athletes will generally be grouped by age and gender.  Each group will need a Group Coordinator assigned for the season; this role would be similar to the soccer team manger.  As the season Group Coordinator, you are not expected to be there every evening, but you would need to assign someone for that role each Friday meet.  The main responsibilities of the Group Coordinator are:

  • Sign out the group folder from the canteen
  • Check the folder for the night programme and any special messages
  • Assemble your athletes and check they are on your field sheet listing (add them otherwise)
  • Manage all the activities of your group of athletes as they proceed through their 5 events.
  • Ensure you have enough helpers for the night's events (at least two but there are jobs for 6)
  • With your helpers, complete the field sheets for all performances
  • pack up and return the equipment  (last event) if you are the last to use (check the programme)

Note:  Groups are typically assembled as the same age and gender.  However, depending on numbers, there may be combination of some groups so that each group has similar numbers.  We try to ensure there are between 10 and 20 athletes in any one group.

Help Officiating the events.
Being an Official is a rewarding experience, particularly when you can be part of providing athletes of all ages and abilities a chance of achieving their best performance in a fair competition.  Officials (and parent helpers) are vital to the effective conduct of competition at our Centre as well as Regional and LAQ events; we need a team of passionate Officials.   While some roles do require technical knowledge and experience, others are basic and only require a limited understanding of athletics.

Officials courses at the Centre:  Our Centre has developed an introduction course and you can learn all the theory and practical requirements of any event in just 15 minutes.  Just ask the Officials Officer or follow the Gap Officials link.
Officials course with formal qualification.  There is an on-line course for all events; each Level 1 will take about 45 minutes to complete and you will be given a qualification on completion.   Level 2 courses are also available for those seeking further study

Regional Championships (Relays and Individual)
It is essential that The Gap Centre provide officials/helpers for these events.  If your athlete nominates for these Regional events (and all athletes are encouraged to attend), you will be expected to help on the day - just one hour as a timekeeper for example would suffice.

State Championships and LAQ Meets:
These are opportunities to enhance your skills as an official in an extensive competition.  There will be many experienced officials to mentor and guide your development

We encourage all parents to complete at least one of the officials courses that are available online