Arena Layout and Set up

Each Friday night all equipment needs to be taken to the event location and set up in readiness for the night's events.   This must be completed before 6pm and plenty of help is needed.

There is a designated location for each event and assignment is also allocated for specific age groups.  Be sure that your age group is at the correct location for your event. 

The Programme will indicate the location and order of events.   The code used on the programme relates to the code for event location on the maps below.

Where do we do each event?

All Event Locations
u6-8 Event Locations

Set out and Packing up Equipment
Shot Put trolley
Shot Put Trolley
                    front SP Trolley rear
Shot Put Trolley front
Shot Put trolley rear

u6-8  Vortex/Shot Put
vortex vortex
Yellow wheelie: Vortex/SP3
mini vortex (spike not shown)
SP3  (spike not shown)


Mini Vortex Set up
SP3 Set up