How you can Help

How can you help on Friday night?
All parents are expected to help the club in some way and there is plenty to do each Friday evening.  Details of all these activities are included on the website (see main and side menus) but in brief this is how you can help:
  • Equipment set up
  • Track official (recorder, starter, referee, place judge)
  • Age Group Coordinator
  • Helper for your age group (raking, measuring, recording, run extra activities while the athletes are waiting)
  • Pack up equipment
  • canteen and barbecue

Equipment Set Up.
All the field events and the track need to be set up and ready for 6pm.  Each rotation of the programme has slightly different requirements but typically all equipment trolleys need to be taken to their designated area and the equipment set up in readiness for the events.   The arena layout is included in the links below and  equipment to be set up includes:

  • Equipment trolleys: SP1, SP2, Discus1, Discus2, Discus3, Vortex/SP3/Turbo Jav,  LJ1/2, LJ3/4, LJ5/6
  • Play Training obstacle course
  • Tiny Tots- this will usually be done by the coach but help is appreciated
  • High Jumps - a task requiring at least 4 people
  • Hurdles (when it is a hurdle rotation)
  • Track:  computers, place judges equipment, starter equipment, cones (event dependent)

Group Coordinator
All groups must have a group coordinator before they can do any event.  Each group will have a Group Coordinator/Manager nominated at the start of the season but that person may not necessarily be the group coordinator for any specific Friday meet.  What the Group Coordinator does.

Track Helpers.
We run two tracks simultaneously each week and each track will require a dedicated team of people; some tasks will required an element of technical knowledge but most are easily understood with minimal training.
Essential role for each track are:

  • Recorder:  This person will need to know how to set up and operate the computer and recording system
  • Referee:  Usually the Recorder/Computer operator.
  • Chief Place Judge
  • 2 or more Place Judges
Easy Guide for track roles:
place judge
Place Judge

Field Helpers.
You will move around the oval with your group and assist with the running of each event.  Essential roles are:

  • Measure each trial (two people)
  • Record each trial
  • Raking (for horizontal jumps)
  • team organising - e.g. play games while the athletes are waiting their turn

Easy guides for the field events

How to use the Field Sheet
HJ 6 Jump Rule
Help for all field events

Packing Up.
If you are the last group for the event (check the programme), please pack up the equipment and take the trolley back to the shed.   Just leave it outside and we will place it in the shed.  The links below include an equipment list and photographs for each event; please stack and store  in accordance with the guides.

Help is always appreciated in the canteen and the barbecue cook is the most important person on the site.

Qualify as an Official.
All parents are encouraged to complete at least one of the on-line courses that are available through Athletics Australia.  The Gap Centre also offers an introduction to officials course that takes only 15 minutes for an event.
More details on the Officials page.


This table and the photos below has all the information you will need for equipment set up, storage, inventories and pack up.

Set Up
Group Coordinator

Event Locations
Group Coordinator
Guide for helping at
Track events
Guide for helping
at Field Events

Event Locations u6-8 events and
equipment used
Set up the computer Using the Field Sheet 


Trolley Equipment List 6 jump rule Hurdles set up Courses for Officials

Shot Put Trolleys.
Please note the storage requirement for these trolleys.

Shot Put Trolley front SP Trolley rear
Shot Put Trolley front
Shot Put trolley rear

Vortex and SP3 for under 6-8

vortex vortex
Yellow wheelie: Vortex/SP3
mini vortex (spike not shown)
SP3  (spike not shown)


Mini Vortex Set up
SP3 Set up