"Can my child compete in an age group other than the one calculated by LAQ?"
Yes, at Centre competition only.   Athletes can compete up or down one age group if they want to be with friends or for more enjoyable competition.  If you choose to do this you must notify the Records Officer so that recording sheets are changed accordingly.
Different age groups might use different weight of throwing implements, compete in different running events and have different rules for some events.  All are aimed at increasing the athlete's enjoyment whilst keeping them safe.  Athletes must never use implements or do events intended for older athletes.  However, an athlete may throw lighter implements or lower hurdles etc if it helps in their development and/or enjoyment.
We will sometimes combine age groups due to numbers on any night; athletes should still use their correct equipment and only compete in events suitable for their age.

"How does the Friday night event operate."
All groups start with a group warm up (tiny tots and under 6 will be separate) for about 15 minutes.  They then assemble at the marshalling area and wait for their coordinator to lead them through the nights events.

    Tiny Tots.  Tiny Tots have their own area and an assigned coordinator who will organise the group to play athletics oriented games for fun and skill development.  The session will go from 6pm to 7pm.  There are no measurements or times for tiny tots.
    Under 6 groups.  There will usually be a club coordinator but sometimes the parents will need to coordinate the group.   This group will start the season with game play activities and short coaching sessions to develop skills and generally to have fun.  As the season develops the group will do more competition and start to measure their performances and earn personal bests.
    Under 7/8.  There will be an event roster each week for the group and it will include competitive events and some game play.
    All other groups.  There is a 5 event (optional 6th) programme for each group.  The programme will generally include at least one sprint, one middle distance, one jump and one throw.

"When is the coaching night and what is the programme?"
Coaching is on Wednesday night between 6pm and 7pm.  There will be up to four coaches and the athletes will be able to choose the session that suits them.  Sometimes the events will be restricted: eg high jump may be programmed for flop only, the hurdles may be divided into senior and junior in different weeks etc.  Coaches may be available for individual/extra coaching- please feel free to discuss your requirements with the coaches.   A programme for Wednesday night will be issued each Friday on the notice board.

"How can I become a qualified official or coach?"
Becoming an official is easy and you are greatly encouraged to apply - go to our Officials page for more information.  Or just start helping on any Friday night.  The club is always looking for more officials on Friday nights so please make yourself available.
The club offers (and covers all fees) an Introduction to Coaching course each year - apply at the canteen.   The club will also pay for more advanced courses (up to advanced level 2) if you can volunteer some to to our Wednesday night coaching.

"Do I have to buy the uniform?"
No.  If your child does not intend to compete away from The Gap there is no need to buy the uniform.  However, your child may feel more comfortable in the same clothes as his/her friends.  Of course, if your child wants to compete in any competition outside The Gap, they must have full and correct uniform.
Athletes must wear their registration patch with correct number at all events.

"Why do I need the correct uniform for competition away from the Centre?”
If your child wears the incorrect uniforms at an LAQ or Regional competition they run the risk of disqualification as all competing athletes must display correct centre uniforms for identification purposes.  Correct uniform will include the registration number, all patches and labels.   The club does have shorts with our logo but any pair of plain black shorts meet the requirements for The Gap uniform.  Strict uniform compliance is not necessary at Centre level however all athletes must display their registration number.  Uniform is not required for the Tiny Tots.
Uniform Instructions

"Where are the other centres?"

 For all other centres go to http://laq.org.au/  Other Met North Centres are included in the Handbook which can be found on this web site.

"How do relay days work?"
Regional Relays is the best athletics meet of the year - make sure your athlete competes.

Field events (shot put, discus, javelin, jumping) are conducted as a normal individual event except that at the completion of competition, the best two Gap athletes form a team and their results are added together and assessed against the other "teams".  The team with the highest total is placed 1st and so on.

In track events, four athletes run a traditional relay event; track relays include 4 x 70m (under 7 and 8), 4 x 100m (all ages), 4 x 200m (under 9 -10) and 4 X Medley or 4 x Swedish (under 11 and up).

All athletes are encouraged to participate; there are no qualifying standards for any Regional Events.

"How does my child qualify for State competitions? And at what age?"
LAQ hold a number of competitions throughout the year that your child may compete in.  Only under 9 and up can go on to State Championships.   You qualify for the state events by finishing in the top 3 in the relays or top 4 in the Championships of any event.   Should a regional event be cancelled due to rain an athlete can qualify for states through Centre level performance or performances at  Senior Carnival, Junior Carnival or Pentathlon.

The actual team that competed on the Regional Relay day will qualify for the state event (a substitute will only be allowed if one of the competitors is unable to attend for any reason, eg injury).

The club covers fees for all state or national events