Group Coordinator

Athletes will generally be grouped by age and gender.   However, depending on numbers, there will be combined groups so that groups have similar numbers.  We try to ensure there are between 10 and 20 athletes in any one group.   Each group must have a Group Coordinator every Friday night and at least two additional helpers ( there are jobs for up to 6 helpers).

At the start of the season we will need a Group Coordinator assigned to each group.   That person will not need to be in attendance each Friday night, but will be required to ensure there is someone to take on that role for specific Friday Night's in their absence (or mange it any way you see fit).

Responsibilities of the Group Coordinator

Friday night meets

  • Know what programme of events that has been scheduled.   This will be displayed on the notice board and is also noted on the events calendar on the web site and notice board.  The nominated programme might be different to the calendar e.g. for wet weather.
  • Collect and sign for the recording folder from the canteen.
    Check that all documents are included (contents listed below)
  • Ensure you have enough helpers and assign them tasks throughout the evening:
     - Recording
     - Marshalling
     - Group games (there will be some waiting time between events)
     - Raking, retrieving, measuring, etc
    Ideally you will have three or four other helpers to run events for the night.  You might consider a season roster system with all the parents in the group.
  • Gather your athletes and check those in attendance off the recording sheets.  Add other as required.
  • When the athletes return from their warm up go, as a group, to the first and subsequent events.
Warm up is important.  
The first track event is run in a prescribed order. Rushing to that event will not put you ahead of the queue.
  • Follow the programme of events as listed for the scheduled.
    No change can be made to this programme unless approved by the Arena Manager
    (Any change to the programme can have significant impact on other groups)
  • Use your helpers to run the events for the night; assign them tasks as noted above.
  • Complete the recording sheets for all athletes at each field event.
    There is a “How to” in your folder
  • Return the folder including completed sheets to the canteen.

Contents of the recording folder:

  • Field Recording sheets.   (track recording is done by computer)
  • Guide to complete the field sheets
  • A list of all registered athletes for your group is included on the field sheet
  • The programme with all Rotations including relays and wet weather.  The notice board will indicate what rotation is applicable for the night.
  • A diagram of the oval with all event locations.
  • High Jump rules and run ups
  • Vortex and Shot Put (under 6-10 only)  and Obstacle Course Setup (under 6-8 only)
  • Guide for Officials
  • Events for each age group.
  • Equipment specifications
  • Guide for the Group Coordinator
  • Nomination forms for upcoming events when applicable.
  • Athlete certificates or award – please distribute them as applicable
  • Any special notices.  Please distribute information to parents and/or athletes

At the Starting Line:
There will be multiple groups programmed for the same time at most track events.  Running order will be either based on a required schedule (1st event or hurdle night) or by the time of arrival.

  • Arrival time is when the whole group has arrived and are ready to compete.
  • Athletes must have completed their full warm up before arriving for the first event.
  • Tiny Tots will be given priority as their events are not measured (short sprints only)
  • Under 6 may also be given priority based on numbers or at Starter’s discretion.
  • Groups can be combined at Starter’s discretion for 200m and longer events.
Waiting for your event is common at any athletics competition.   Have some games up your sleeve.   There is plenty of equipment in the shed to facilitate the games and you are welcome to get it out for the night.