Courses for Coaches

There are options for coaching courses available depending on what you want to achieve.

Introduction to Coaching Course (ITC)

This course is specifically designed to help parents in the coaching of their little athletes.   It includes all events and provides a high quality introduction to everything you need to know for the basic instruction to you athletes.. Introduction to Coaching courses are designed for beginner coaches to give a sound basic knowledge and are particularly appropriate for people coaching young athletes at the grass roots level.

The course is 6.5 hours in duration and covers all event groups on the Little Athletics track and field program. At the conclusion of the course the coach will be able to;

  • implement a coaching session appropriate to the target group
  • organise a group of young athletes safely
  • implement a working model of each event through the use of drills, technical skills and games
  • rectify some of the more common technical faults associated with Little Athletes

The Gap Little Athletics will cover the cost of this course for you.  We try to run at least one course at our ground each year.   Please ask at he canteen if you are interested.

Further Education.
If you would like to develop your skills as a couch there are courses available through the Australian Athletics education Framework.   The Gap LA will cover the cost of the level 1 and 2 courses with an expectation that you would make a contribution to our Wednesday night coaching.

Coaching Course

Coaching at The Gap Little Athletics.
You are certainly encouraged to help your little athletes as they go about their events each Friday night and any assistance on Wednesday will always be appreciated.  Very limited coaching is possible on Friday nights but there are are some techniques that we have found to be valuable for young athletes and require all our coaches to generally follow those guidelines.  We have found these techniques are well suited to proper development of the young athlete - bad habits once learned are rarely forgotten.
We will have a small group of young coaches wandering about each Friday night who have been instructed to coach those techniques and they may be at your events to help with your athletes.   The intent is for the parents to work with the coaches, generally following our required procedures but always to ensure the athletes are having fun.