Events and Equipment used

Rules of Competition

LAQ Competition Handbook

The rules under which Little Athletics are conducted are contained in the Officials Handbook and the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) Rules and Regulations.  Some special rules for Little Athletics are:

Long Jump/Triple Jump
U6 to U10 athletes use a ½ by 1 metre take-off mat for long and triple jump.    

The jump (for the U6 to U10 age groups) is measured as the shortest distance from the nearest break in the sand to the nearest break in the landing area; If the athletes jumps before the mat then the measurement is taken from the back of the mat.  The U12 to U17 age groups are measured from the nearest break in the landing area to the front edge of the take-off  board.

In long jump, the take-off mat is placed 1 metre back from the pit.
In triple jump, the athlete can jump off the board placed at  5, 7, 9 or 11m  back from the pit if requested. 

High Jump
Flop and straddle techniques are not permitted for age groups U7 to U10.
This essentially means that the U7 to U10s must use the scissors technique.

800 metres
The 800 metres start is usually in lanes, but a massed start may sometimes be used at our Centre.

Walking competitions are subject to the following time limits: 700m – 8 min, 1,100m – 10 min, 1,500m – 12min.   There is no limit at at Centre level

Starting Blocks
U11 to U17 age groups have the option to use starting blocks in laned events. The Centre has starting blocks available for use.  At Senior Carnival, Pentathlon and State Championships, blocks will be provided by the Association.


At The Gap Centre events you will find fact sheets for the events at each of the equipment containers; equipment to use for each age group as well as tips for coaching and officials is included in the fact sheet.

A full description of all the events and equipment to be used for each age group is detailed in the Competition Handbook and other resources available on the LAQ website.